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Is phenibut safe and legal?


Back in the 1960s in Russia, scientists in the Soviet Union at the Academy of Medical Sciences created a new and powerful anti-anxiety drug aimed at young psychiatric patients. Although its usage spread all over Russia, Phenibut took a long time to be known in the rest of the world. “So, what is Phenibut?” you may be asking yourself. Phenibut is a GABA agonist, meaning it is virtually a copy of the GABA neurotransmitter that occurs naturally in our bodies with a slight change in the chemical structure.9 Phenibut is a nootropic drug, which means that it has the ability to improve memory and enhance other cognitive processes.9 It’s also an anxiolytic, since using Phenibut for anxiety is very effective. It is fully licensed in Russia as a medication and is widely in use there.

Is Phenibut Legal?

At the moment, Phenibut capsules are not FDA approved in North America and the drug is not an accepted medication in medical practice. However, it is legal all over the world, and can be purchased from many online retailers such as eBay and Walmart as a supplement without having to get a prescription. 8 In some locations in the world you can purchase Phenibut in stores as a powder without a prescription.1

Of all of the Phenibut uses, the most interesting was its use in calming Russian cosmonauts in the space program in 1975. There was a technical problem with the docking mechanism of a US-Soviet spacecraft. The anxious astronauts were told to take Phenibut and relax, and this is what allowed them to come up with the solution to the problem.2

Phenibut Benefits

This drug is largely marketed as a psychiatric medication in some parts of the world, as it is effective in treating depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Many users report that the Phenibut high, or better put, the Phenibut euphoria, has a tremendous impact on their mood. Because what the drug largely does is relax you tremendously, Phenibut pills have been frequently sold as a sleep aid in Europe and in the U.S. Using Phenibut for sleep has proven very effective. Due to the fact that it’s a nootropic drug, it has often been used as a tool for learning and memory – a “smart drug”.1 There is also a connection between Phenibut and alcohol, as it has frequently been cited as an effective drug to treat alcoholism.1

Phenibut Dosage

If you’re curious about trying this substance, you’re probably wondering how much Phenibut to take. The truth is, the dose you should take varies based on several factors including age, weight, gender and physical health. The recommended dose is 2-2.5g daily for women and 1-1.2 g for men. However, keep in mind that this drug has not been approved by the FDA and these recommendations do not come from any recognised medical body.5

Is Phenibut safe? Opinions on that matter may vary, and in fact the specific safety level of this drug is not really known. Phenibut dangers have included toxicity, and there are side effects which may go along with its use.10 There are also Phenibut effects that occur after your experience with the drug, including much worse residual anxiety and insomnia.9

How Long Does Phenibut Take to Kick In?

If you’ve had something to eat, expect to feel the effects of the Phenibut supplement within about an hour and a half to four hours, depending on how full you are. On an empty stomach, you’ll feel the drug within about 30-40 minutes.3

phenibut benefits and side effects

Common Phenibut benefits and withdrawal effects.

Phenibut Withdrawal

This drug is not without its issues. Although there have been no documented cases of Phenibut overdose, there can certainly be some negative side effects associated with overdoing it on this drug. Phenibut side effects include constipation, muscle cramps, dehydration and a lowered sex drive.5 Cases of Phenibut toxicity have also been reported.7

Phenibut addiction is possible, and it has certainly happened. In 2013, researchers documented the case of a 35-year old man who had developed a dependence on Phenibut supplements he had been purchasing online. Phenibut withdrawal symptoms included hostility, increased anxiety, anger and isolation.9

The primary suggestion to avoid these negative symptoms is to avoid taking Phenibut on a daily basis. Use it every second or third day, and you will likely avoid developing a tolerance and possibly becoming addicted to the substance.6

Phenibut Reviews

Before you embark on the Phenibut experience, it’s a smart idea to read some of the customer reviews available online. Many of them are quite positive, touting the great benefits of this substance for a variety of issues and the wonderful euphoria it brings. One of the most common pieces of advice was to make sure you space out your usage of Phenibut by a couple of days at least, or it will stop working well. Users also found that if they took the drug on a daily basis they risked withdrawal symptoms when they didn’t have it.

Without getting a prescription from your doctor, it is difficult to determine if Phenibut will be the right medication for you. Before turning to medication, many professionals recommend trying to live a healthier lifestyle to feel happier, and more energetic. A healthier lifestyle includes exercising often, eating well, and supplementing when necessary. Common supplements include multivitamins and natural testosterone support products like HF Delta Prime.

Where to Buy Phenibut

If you live in the USA and are determined to buy Phenibut, you’ll have to purchase online. Because this products is not approved by the FDA, you will not find the supplement in stores. It is always recommended to exercise extreme caution when purchasing medications over the internet unless you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer or authorized reseller.

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