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penis pump

Penis Pump

Right about now you’re probably asking yourself, “What is a penis pump?” Although it sounds a little daunting, it’s actually one of the few medical treatments that’s considered an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction.

A penis pump is a plastic tube that a man puts over his penis, and it’s attached to a pump. There’s also a ring to put over the end of the penis after he gets an erection. It’s also often referred to as a vacuum pump or a vacuum erection device.2 Penis pumps vary slightly, but the main difference is in what is used to create the pressure in the pump – either air, water, or electricity. In addition, they’re powered either by battery or by hand.

It was an American medical doctor by the name of John King that first suggested this type of device to treat impotence. Although he described the penis pump in detail, the first patent for the tool was issued to a man named Otto Ledever in 1917. The motivation for developing the device was both to treat erectile dysfunction, and to attempt to make the penis look larger.

In the 1960s, a Georgian entrepreneur named Geddins D. Osbon invented the ‘youth equivalent device’ which was the first Vacuum Constriction Device (VCD). The technique has gained a lot of popularity since then. Although it was initially very controversial, it was eventually accepted by the medical community. Specifically, the American Urological Association considers VCD to be one of the top 3 treatments for erectile dysfunction.4

Do penis pumps really work? Research does support the effectiveness of the penis pump as a tool for treating erectile dysfunction. According to clinical research, 50-80% of men who have used these devices are pleased with the outcome.3

How to Use a Penis Pump

I’m sure you’re already dying of curiosity, asking yourself, “How does a penis pump work?” With VCD, there’s a plastic cylindrical tube that fits over the penis. There’s also a pump attached to the tube. The purpose of these two parts is to create a vacuum, which helps the penis to become erect. Once the penis is erect, there’s the option of adding a band called a constriction ring around the base to hold the erection for longer.

To use the pump, you place the cylinder over the penis and then pump all of the air out of the cylinder. This creates a vacuum, and blood then flows to the penis and creates an erection. At this point, you can slide the constriction band on, using lubricant to get it on properly. Then release the vacuum and remove the pump. You may leave the band on during sex if you like, in order to keep the erection.3

do penis pumps work?

Do Penis Pumps Work?

The penis pump benefits men who suffer from erectile dysfunction issues. There’s a body of research which indicates that it’s an extremely effective remedy. The American Urological Association has approved the pump as one of the top treatments for erectile problems.4

Using a penis pump results in great benefits for the men who use them. The majority of men who use them are able to get an erection; so they are effective. This is also a very non-invasive treatment. Men can operate it themselves, and it doesn’t involve a surgical procedure or needle. For this reason, this device is a lot less risky than those treatments. It also costs a lot less than many other procedures. The method can also be used along with supplements like a testosterone produce such as HF Labs Delta Prime or surgery in extreme cases.2

Although the pumps do work, most men tend to discontinue using them quickly. One study found that 65% of men using this treatment for erectile dysfunction stopped using it within 1-4 months.1 One reason could be the fact that after using a pump for some time, the penis adapts so it’s less useful.

Currently there are more effective medications coming out to treat impotence, so men may use the penis pump less. In addition, studies have shown that it’s really only effective for men with moderate erectile dysfunction. It’s not at all helpful for mild or severe cases.1

Penis Pump Reviews

A good, quality made penis pump tends to work very well and quickly, according to reviewers. Men who purchased a decent device almost all say that it helped to remedy their erectile dysfunction. However, it has no permanent effect on men’s erections.

There are plenty of low quality devices out there sold by companies that aren’t very reputable. Make sure you research the company and the product carefully before you make a final purchase.

Penis Pump Side Effects

Potential side effects of using a penis pump include little red dots from bleeding under the skin, pain and/or bruises from using the device wrong, numbness from the constriction band, and feeling like your semen is stuck during ejaculation. In addition, the devices can be uncomfortable to wear and at times can lead to erections which feel strange.2

Are Penis Pumps Safe?

In most cases, penis pumps are perfectly safe. However, men who are on blood-thinning medication should avoid this treatment, as it puts them at a higher risk of bleeding. In addition, people who suffer from a blood disorder like sickle cell anemia risk getting a blood clot if they use the device.2

Staying safe while using a penis pump also entails using it correctly. For example, it’s dangerous to wear the band for more than half an hour, or it can cause tissue damage to the penis.3

Homemade Penis Pump

While it is possible to make a penis pump at home with items from around the house, it’s not at all advisable. As there are quite a few pitfalls, it’s also very unlikely that such a device would work properly. You could injure yourself or your beloved penis in numerous ways.

Looking at it objectively, this is one of those situations where you have to think of your health first and go with the more expensive option. You deserve it, and so does your body. Treat yourself to a device that’s made by people who know what they’re doing.

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